Sorry the online store is closed for the season…..

Please just contact me for any available pups or plants. I am a sub-tropical researcher and grower. Healthy plants free from disease is a benefit, however the down side is I do have a winter! Do you have a winter? If so then my experience could help you long after you get a plant from me! Let me help you become a successful Musa grower in OUR climate!

Shop here for Pups and Plants! My goal is to provide quality and CORRECT banana plants every time! In the Musa world there is so many mixed up plants! There is nothing worse than putting your love, time, effort, and money into growing a plant for 2+ years just to find out it’s not the plant you wanted! We ONLY sell plants that are true to type and verified! I do not keep every plant or pup listed here  If your looking for a certain variety just contact me!

I am a collector, grower, researcher, and educator! I want you to be successful! I want you to fall in love with these plants like I have! Remember I’m always here to help! There is NO other place to buy where you will get the UNLIMITED one-on-one help growing Musa like I offer here!