Musa “Tall” Gros Michel


Musa Gros Michel – The banana your grandparents knew!

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Musa Gros Michel

The banana your Parents and Grandparents ate! Also the flavor banana artificial flavor was made after! Like banana candy!

Musa Gros Michel!

‘Gros Michel’ is the cultivar that dominated the international banana trade during the first part of the 20th century. In the late 1950s it was replaced with Cavendish cultivars because of its susceptibility to Fusarium wilt. The wild species that contributed to its triploid genome is Musa acuminata, hence the shorthand AAA to describe its genome group. The Gros Michel subgroup is named after this cultivar. Very tasty sweet fruit! Many say this is their favorite flavor!


Musa Gros Michel

Height: 14’-16’ depending on conditions!

Cold Hardiness: Very Sensitive to cold! AAA genome!!


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