Musa Siam Ruby


Musa Siam Ruby – Mostly Extreme Red Variegation with small patches of green!

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Musa Siam Ruby!

Extreme red variegation with specs and lines of green/chartreuse! One of the most beautiful Musa in my opinion!


Musa Siam Ruby is an amazing variegated banana plant! There is no other banana plant in the world with this unique variegation!

If your looking for a plant to demand attention in your garden or need a beautiful center piece, you have found it!

and unique ornamental banana cultivar with beautiful ruby red leaves which are sometimes speckled with random small specks of chartreuse green. ‘Siam Ruby’ screams for one’s attention and makes an excellent focal plant in any tropical garden. Leaves of ‘Siam Ruby’ are held at a slightly higher angle than most other Musa plants.

Discovered growing in the wild in Papua New Guinea and some believe it is a sport of Musa acuminata ‘Tapo’. (I do not believe it is Musa Tapo)

When it was first offered for sale via online nurseries, this ornamental banana cultivar was referred to via two other cultivar names, namely, ‘Palawan Red’ and ‘Ace of Hearts’. It took some time before everyone settled for the cultivar name ‘Siam Ruby’.

The leaves are a stunning, dark ruby red with tiny green flecks…the more sun, the more intense the color. This is one banana that loves intense heat and humidity. Young plants are bright green with red highlights. ‘Siam Ruby’ starts to develop the red colors at about 12 inches tall. Stronger light will bring out brighter, stronger red colors and better contrast with the occasional green variegation.

As a small plant Siam Ruby is more golden yellow and hints of the red to come. It will develop that rich vibrant color before you know it.


Musa Siam Ruby is a seeded variety!

Height: 8’-10’ depending on conditions!

Cold Hardiness: Unknown. I would think it could be cold sensitive. I haven’t verified yet.


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