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Announcing our new Newsletter! I am doing away with my “waiting-list” and replacing it with this newsletter! With the volume of plants we are now working with it’s just too much for the old system. So if you are looking for a rare/hard to get variety! Or if you just want to be updated on my availability SIGN-UP now! There will be NO spam and your name/email is all the info we need! And that info will be kept secure and only used for the newsletter! Of course contacting me directly is fine also! Click below!

Last year I started Cultured plants! Cultured on site by me! Ty Taylor! More of them will be available this year (2019)!

Smaller than a pup! Larger than a TC! Click here for more info!

This site is a work in progress! I am adding more info on varieties as I get time. We have our complete list under varieties. Please simply email me for more info and to purchase. I am a Musa expert and collector here to answer any questions for you!

I sell any extra pups and usually have quite a few. We also often have small Tissue Culture plants. We mostly just stick to banana plants! Just let is know what you’re looking for! Also I am always willing to do FREE trades for varieties I do not have.

I have a lot of pictures of my varieties. Just click on my pictures link on the bottom on the varieties page! Thank you for visiting and please email me anytime if you have questions, issues, or just want to talk about banana plants!